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Basement Waterproofing: How Does Arid Restoration Do It?

Utilizing a jackhammer, the basement floor is broken open just passed the footing, adjacent to the wall(s) to be serviced. A channel is then excavated to a depth equal to the depth of the footing. (Note: All broken cement and subsoil from the channel will be removed from the premises by Arid).

While the channel is open, 1" carbide drills are used to drill holes in the bottom course of cinderblocks to drain out any water that may be entrapped in the blocks. (note: This procedure is eliminated on poured concrete foundations). Four inch (4") PVC pipe is then laid over and covered by No. 2 stone. This pipe meets the requirements for drainage pipe as required by the State Code and the requirements of ASTM-F405-74.

The floor is then re-cemented and steel-rowelled smooth to the level of the existing cement. A full or partial 3/4" gap may be left between the new cement and the foundation wall. This is known as a "floating floor" and is now required by many towns on all new construction.

The under-floor piping system usually leads to a sump pump which is installed in a PVC crock with a PCS cover. Crock an pump are below floor level and the only exposed portion will be the 1 1/4" discharge line. Location of pump and discharge line will be at the discretion of the Arid foreman with customers's wishes considered.

All accessible foundation walls adjacent to the system will be treated in the most appropriate manner as viewed by the foreman.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a grounded electrical outlet for the pump. Premises will be left "broom clean" but customer should cover all items of value that might be soiled or damaged.

During the curing process there may be some evidence of sweating on top of the freshly poured concrete. Once the cement has cured properly this will disappear.


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